How We Communicate With Parents/carers

We work very hard to communicate effectively with our parents and carers and we are always looking for new ways to achieve this.


Our website aims to have current and useful information for parents readily available at all times.

You will find information in the calendar of dates and events throughout the year. Our website also has a variety of curriculum information, policy documents, performance data and useful links to other website for children in our Kids Zone.


Our main form of communication with parents is via letters. Parents can choose to have these letters emailed to them via Parentmail, ensuring that they reach their destination rather than lying at the bottom of a school bag! More and more of our parents are choosing this eco-friendly option and we very much welcome this approach. For more information about Parentmail please contact the school office.

We publish a fortnightly newsletter, which gives parents a summary of what has been going on and what is coming up. These newsletters will be sent to parents via Parentmail and they can also be found on the school website.


We have a texting service (which is part of Parentmail) in the case of emergencies or when we need to get a message to parents quickly and efficiently.

Pupil planners

All our pupils have an individual pupil planner.  There is a weekly diary where staff, pupils and parents can regularly communicate with each other. Reading is also recorded in the weekly diary.