Senior Leadership Team

Acting Head Teacher            Deputy Head Teacher          

Mrs S Allen                                                                         

Senior Leader                        Senior Leader                       Senior Leader

Mrs R Weaver                         Mrs J Potts (Mat Leave)           Mrs L Fryer

Mrs H Hull                              Mrs J Buffery


Reception Class

Teacher                                  Teacher                                 

Mrs J Buffery                           Miss D Reading

Support Staff                         Support Staff                         Support Staff

Mrs J Hickman                         Mrs T Fleming                         Mrs R Blatchford


Years 1/2

Teacher                                  Teacher                                 Teacher

Mrs L Fryer/Mrs D Jones           Mrs A Walta/Mrs C Jones          Mrs H Smith

Support Staff                         Support Staff                         Support Staff

Mrs C Fellow                           Mrs V Shortland                       Mrs K Swift (pm)

Mrs R Armstrong (am)


Years 3/4

Teacher                                  Teacher                                  Teacher

Mrs R Weaver                           Mrs S Westwood                      Mrs N Iqbal

Support Staff                         Support Staff                         Support Staff

Mrs J Evans                             Mrs D Huntbatch (pm)             Mrs N Akhter (am)     


Years 5/6

Teacher                                  Teacher                                  Teacher

Mrs H Hull/Mrs A Walker           Ms H Barks                             Mr D Russell

Support Staff                         Support Staff                         Support Staff

Mrs A Rubine                           Mrs D Thompson                     Mrs E Price (pm)



Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs D Hunt


Subject Leadership


 (Mrs J Potts)


Mrs R Weaver


Mrs S Westwood

Topic (Hi/Ge)

Mrs H Smith


 Mrs H Smith



D.T. and Art

Miss D Reading


Mrs A Walker (Maternity Leave) & Sportsplus


Mrs D Hunt

Music / Drama



Learning Mentors

Mrs K Moorhouse                   Mrs C Welch


Lunchtime Support

Mrs D Huntbatch                     Mrs E Price                 Mrs K swift


Admin and Site Staff

School Business Manager     Administrator           Library Assistant

Mrs C Felton                           Mrs K Sutton               Mrs A Williams

ICT Technician                      Site Manager

Mr L Tibbetts                          Mr A Rhodes



Miss S Price                             Mrs M Bradley            Mrs S Merriman

Mrs B Dillon                             Mrs S Parsons




Miss J Morgan (Maternity Leave)                              


Acting Manager                    Acting Deputy         

Mrs T Cresswell                      Mrs K Hobley

Childcare Worker                 Childcare Worker      Childcare Worker

Mrs M Edwards                       Miss A Daggett            Mrs L Shorthouse

                                            (Maternity Leave) 

After School Club

Manager                                Deputy                       Support Staff

Mrs A Williams                        Mrs N Golder               Mrs D Huntbatch

Support Staff                        Support Staff             Support Staff

Mrs A Rubine                          Mrs C Fellows              Mrs E Price

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