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After School Clubs / Extra curricular Activities

A range of extra-curricular clubs are operated at Hurst Hill each term providing opportunities for children to further develop their knowledge and skills or to try out new areas of learning and interest that they may not have tried before. 
We aim to offer a range of clubs which have included chess, drama, gardening, film, art, catch-up curriculum sessions, science and a range of sports clubs. All clubs are led weekly by teachers, classroom assistants or external providers.
Further details on clubs for Spring 1 (until February 1/2 term) are below
Year group Club Day Start date and finish date
1 and 2 Dance Mondays

9th January - 13th February

3 and 4 Choir Mondays 9th January - 13th February
5 and 6 Coding Mondays 9th January - 13th February
5 and 6 Sports club Tuesdays 3rd January - 7th February
3,4,5 and 6 Dance  (£24 charge) Wednesday 4th January - 15th February