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Cyber Choices - Parents

Many young people are curious and want to explore how technology works, what vulnerabilities it has and how it interacts with other technologies. This can include learning to code or experimenting with tools discovered online.

These are great skills to have and the cyber security industry needs more people with them. Those with a real interest in how tech works could have a bright future ahead. Skills in coding, gaming, cyber security or anything digital-related, are in high demand. The average salary in the UK is £29,800 whereas in the tech industry, the average is £65,000. Specialised tech roles are particularly in demand and the average for those salaries can be tens of thousands higher!

However, some young people make poor choices and use such skills illegally, without realising they're committing a crime. The average age of someone convicted for cyber crime offences is much younger than other crime types; offenders are often teenagers.

It’s important for us to understand why more young people are becoming involved in cyber crime. This enables us to ensure that proper deterrents and alternative opportunities are available to them, so that they can enhance their skills and use them positively