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The management of the School is headed by the Governing Board that is comprised of elected Parents, Teaching staff, Co-optees and HVT appointees drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, who each occupy a four year term of office. The aim of our Governing Body is to challenge, support and complement the work of our School. EAG Committee meetings (Education Advisory Board) take place in School at least once each half term and are supported by additional Governor visits into School.

Educational Advisory Group - Hurst Hill Role End of Office
Rebecca Keen Headteacher N/A
Kate Davis Chair March 2025
Jeannette Mackinney CEO N/A
Jenny Gover Vice Chair Parent March 2025
Dave Pardoe Co-opted September 2023
Becky Fellows Associate Trust September 2021
Parent Vacancy Parent  
Co-opted Vacancy Co-opted  

The following are useful links to the Hales Valley Trust website and key documents. Including the MAT Governance Structure:

Hales Valley Trust

Register of Business Interest 

Name Business Interest Other Governance/
School Link
Relative Declared Date Declared
Mrs Jeannette Mackinney  N/A CEO Hales Valley Trust  N/A  2020
Mrs Rebecca Keen N/A N/A N/A 2020
Mrs Kate Davis N/A N/A N/A 2020
Mrs Jenny Gover N/A N/A N/A 2020
Dave Pardoe N/A N/A N/A 2020
Becky Fellows N/A N/A N/A 2020

Attendance at Governors Meetings

Hurst Hill Primary School Governing Body Meetings Attendance 2020-2021

Name 30/09/2020 18/11/2021 19/01/2021
Rebecca Keen Present Present Present
Kate Davis Present   Present
Jeannette Mackinney Present Present Present
Jenny Gover Present Present Present
Dave Pardoe Present Present Present
Becky Fellows   Present Present
Mr M Simspon Present Present Present

How you can contact the Education Advisory Group:

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas and are happy to provide more
information if you are interested in finding out about becoming a governor at  our wonderful school.

The Chair of Governors, Mrs Kate Davis, can be contacted via the School Office.

Further information about governance is also available on the Governors page of the school