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Junior Leadership Team

At Hurst Hill we believe that children excel and thrive when given positions of responsibility. For this reason we have a very active Junior Leadership team which role models, guides and supports children across the school in a wide range of areas such as:

Digital Leaders

Promote the SMART rules, our caring value and guidance for children who may have concerns relating to online safety. They also provide technical and software support.

Well-Being Ambassadors

The Well- Being ambassadors are responsible for Rights Respecting Schools, Anti-Bullying and lead the Lunchtime Buddies. They meet every 2 weeks.  We are working towards the Silver Action Plan for Rights Respecting Schools - teaching and learning about rights, using the rights.   As Anti-Bullying ambassadors they will be role models in the school awarding other children for being good citizens and role models (following our school rules and values), at break time and lunchtime.  This also supports their role as Lunchtime Buddies where they help lunchtime supervisors, as role models to ensure lunchtimes are inclusive and fun for all.

Healthy Eating Ambassadors

Work with leaders in school to raise the profile of healthy eating and the importance of active, physical lifestyles. They meet regularly with the Science leader. 

School Council

We very much like to get the children of Hurst Hill Primary School involved with school life as much as possible and we value their views and input. We have an active school council which includes pupils from each class who represent fellow pupil’s opinions, suggest improvements and discuss any concerns. They meet with the Head Teacher regularly and work on a variety of school issues that they feel are important for Hurst Hill, and their peers across Hales Valley Trust.

Breakfast Monitors

we provide all children with a healthy breakfast every day. Our Breakfast Monitors help distribute bagels or fruit and ensure all children are met with a welcoming smile for a positive start to the day.

Eco Warriors and Junior Safety leaders

Our Eco warriors and Junior Safety Leaders work with everyone in school towards keeping ourselves and our environment green and clean, and to make the world a better place in which to live.

House Captains

Being a member of a team encourages team spirit, improves confidence and builds long lasting supportive relationships. The Hurst Hill team is split into houses: Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphire and Emeralds. Each pupil joins their house upon entry to school and earns rewards through behaviour and sporting events throughout their school journey. Our houses are led by dedicated House Captains and Vice Captains. These prestigious roles are awarded by the children in each house annually the successful candidates represent their house both in school and across Hales Valley Trust in a variety or sports and educational events.

Head Children of the School

Each year Hurst Hill teachers select head children, along with deputies, to role model and promote school values across the school and Trust. These special leaders are selected for their outstanding commitment to school life and are usually pupils who have given 100% throughout their time at Hurst Hill.

Playground Buddies

These are children chosen as good citizens and role models, particularly at break time and lunch time.  They help lunch time staff to ensure children are engaged, have others to play with and equipment to play with in a safe and secure environment.