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Executive Headteacher

Mrs R Keen - behaviour and assessment leader

Head of School

Mrs C Johnson - DSL, learning and teaching, curriculum and pupil premium, ECT mentor 

Assistant Head of School

Mrs R Weaver - DSL, SENCO, lunchtimes and attendance leader

Senior Leadership

Miss N Floyd -EYFS and KS1 leader, English and phonics
Mr M Johnson- KS2 leader Maths leader and computer lead


Reception - Miss P Coley

Year 1  - Miss N Floyd

Year 2 - Mrs N Coleman

Year 3 - Miss E Walters 

Year 4 - Mrs R Weaver/Mrs S Westwood 

Year 5 - Mr M Lart

Year 6 - Mr M Johnson

Intervention Teacher- Mrs C Jones

Teaching Assistants


HLTA - Mrs J Waterfield

Cover Supervisor- Mr R Howard

Nursery - Miss J Morgan and Miss B Williams

Reception – Mrs J Hickman

Years 1 and 2- Mrs J Whiston and Mrs E Price

Years 3/4/5 and 6 Mrs A Rubine, Mrs T Fleming and Miss L Heathcock 


Subject Leadership

English and Oracy - Miss N Floyd

Maths – Mr M Johnson

Science and Research - Miss P Coley

History and Geography - Mrs S Westwood

RHE/RE  - Mrs N Coleman

Computing- Mr M Johnson

Music - Mr M Lart

PE - Miss E Walters

 Skills Builder and Handwriting – Miss N Floyd


Administration and Site Staff

Office Manager -Mrs J Pilbeam

Administrator - Miss H Brookes

Site Manager - Mr A Rhodes

IT Technician - Mr C Naylor

Cleaners - Miss S Price, Mrs M Bradley, Mrs S Merriman, Mrs K Rhodes and Miss T Byrne

Lunchtime Supervisors - Miss L Barnett, Mrs K Bennett, Miss R Watkins, Mrs C Walton and Miss T Byrne

Caterlink Catering - Mrs K Ingram, Mrs J Barton, Mrs S Merriman and Mrs C Wakefield